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How We Ship Your Flip Flops?

If you are like us, when you are ordering from a new e-vendor, we are always curious as to how it is coming to us and what the packaging will look like. Now most of us here enjoy that surprise and if you do too, you shouldn't read any further! Now for the people that need to know everything and hate surprises on to the details..

  • The second we receive your order one of us staffers goes to our stock room and grabs all the flip flops you ordered.
  • After we grab your flip flops we go over to our "Shipping Materials Shelf" and find the appropriate materials to ship your flip flops safely to you.
  • Most of the time we will pack your flip flops in what we in the BIZ call a "Poly Mailer" which is one of those plastic envelope bags that is basically the toughest thing to rip open in the universe.
  • After we pack your flip flops into the Poly Mailer we stuff your invoice into the mailer as well. We then close 'er up and head to the postage machine
  • At the postage machine we weigh, print postage and affix it to your package of flip flops.
  • After all that's done it gets put in the "Mailman please pick up and deliever these packages to the fine patrons of" area.
  • Once the mailman picks it up we're not super sure what happens next other than they do everything in their power to make sure you get your package ASAP.

Well, there you have it the process of How We Ship Your Flip Flops to you - fascinating eh?