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Pink Flip Flops

Pink Flip Flops


Did you know that they paint some prison walls pink to help keep the prisoners calm? I know pretty deep eh? Well I doubt they painted the walls this bright-in-your-face pink. Anyways, I digress..

These Pink Flip Flops are the epitome of summer fun. Our stock of them just scream "Let's go to the Lake, Bring me to the park, and frankly let's just enjoy summer."

Wearing this bright color let's people know you are excited to be here and that you are here to make the best out of any situation and our Pink Flip Flops will help you get there in as much dependable comfort as any shoe can possibly muster.

What Size Should I Order? WOMEN SHOE SIZE SIZE TO ORDER Shipping ONLY $3.00 per pair of Flip Flops
5 or 6 SMALL
7 or 8 MEDIUM
9 or 10 LARGE


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